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Leonard balances on the edge of torment and ecstasy, never managing to fully commit to either.

It is a marvelous effort -- I only hope it is not his last film, as he has recently hinted in interviews.

The title and the trailer make it evident that this is a romantic drama in which one man is torn between two very different women.

That man is Leonard Kraditor (Phoenix), a generally introverted man who has moved back in with his parents after a failed relationship.

Michelle is in love with a married man and cries on Leonard's shoulder; Sandra wants to save him.

Paltrow is this critic's idea of silver-screen heaven.

She lights up the screen in ways that render the film projector completely unnecessary.

The part was written with Paltrow in mind - she absolutely does it justice.

I have been crazy about Vinessa Shaw since I first saw her as Domino in Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, "Eyes Wide Shut".

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