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And the contestants - who include 22-year-old lap dancer Amma Antwi-Agye and gay air steward Brian Dowling - were chosen with that requirement in mind.

They have reportedly been urged to 'spice up' the show.

clueless to Natalie’s hints throughout the season, but that didn’t stop Natalie from following her heart.

In the fourth quarter, David finally realized what Natalie was not-so-subtly telling him all along.

So I was very fortunate to be a part of a great cast. This is the thing: There was such a condensed amount of time to get to know people and the setting is so different than normal, so you always wonder, “Did I make the right decision here? You have to think that y’all see an hour for a week or so of what really happened. I’m 31, so being in this place, ideally the next person I’m in an exclusive relationship with will be my wife. ” I think that’s something that we’ve always been a balance that’s impossible to figure out because of how we handle our relationship. I think what we have allowed happened in our relationship is the fear of losing each other and the desire not to lose each other has superseded the desire to see if we can make something romantic work.

There are a lot of great people in the cast, and I’ll see a bunch of them in Atlanta here in a week or so. So a lot of times it’s funny, people are quick to form opinions and judge the character of an individual – good or bad – based off of the hour they see on TV. I think it’s great entertainment and it was a wonderful experience. So at this time, I’m looking forward to being in a place where I can prepare myself to be the man that I need to be. I never knew how to handle the Natalie dynamic, it’s just always been a different dynamic. We have from day one and it’s been difficult to figure out like “Do we give into this right away? But we talked about it throughout the show because we always want to be in each others lives.

It’s just that we’re not in a romantic relationship. I wouldn’t say that there’s anybody in the cast where lines of communication are closed. I think we’ve done a good job for pretty much everybody.

I’m very thankful and humbled and fortunate to have experienced something like that, and it changed my life in several different aspects. We have a relationship, but we’re not in a romantic relationship in that regard.

'Their job is to entertain and hopefully educate.' Supposedly prim Penny - whose real name is Lisa Ellis - is rapidly turning out to be one of the show's most outrageous contestants.

The six-foot-tall blonde Londoner has told friends she is willing to have sex on television in order to scoop the £70,000 prize.

Big Brother plumbed new depths yesterday after full-frontal footage of a naked female contestant was broadcast live on daytime television.

English teacher Penny, 33, was seen dropping her bath towel in the girls' bedroom by viewers of the digital channel E4 and those watching over the Internet.

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