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Two nights later, I tried their home made spinach and cheese ravioli. I was happy to see it filling up not long before I finished my meal and even happier to see that Metal Heart across the street had been closed down.

I stopped going to The Look (now gone) because of the music he played at high volume.

With no competition, I was able to enjoy the much mellower music playing in the background at Raphael’s.

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There are some good restaurants there where you can get a decent meal and a beer for .50. It wasn’t nearly as good as the home made spaghetti at Spaghetti House, but I’ve been told the French food is very good, so I’ll try that next time.Although it was looking shop-worn, I used to go to the Corner Bar sometimes, too, because no one went there and I could watch a movie on one of their big screen TVs. The new owners have given it a facelift and it looks bright and cheery now. As I made my way back to the main road after dinner, I noticed another new place. I’m in serious danger of making the Hill my new hangout now.Raphael’s Tavern advertises itself as a wine bar and restaurant, offering “authentic Italian cuisine.” I decided to try that the next night, but they were closed, so I went around the corner and ate at a Russian place, Olivier, next to the tall skinny hotel near the stoplight. Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to meet a friend up that way, but he was running late, so I took another ride down the main drag looking for some place to pass the time.Be prepared for a little good-natured heckling and touchy feely-ness if you sit in the front row. I have seen some pretty stellar drag musical revues in San Diego that always end up costing -0 a person with drinks.I assumed going into this that the show was going to be budget as all get-out, but for - would at least be a cheap, fun night out.

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