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On June 6, 2011, Peru and the Republic of Ecuador registered with the United Nation the agreement that established their maritime boundaries.Peru maintains strong political and economic relations with Ecuador.These communiqus establish a geographic parallel as the maritime boundary that will apply between Peru and the Republic of Ecuador to address the existence of islands in the adjacent land frontier, that constitutes a special circumstance under applicable international law.At the same time, the communiqus establish the bases for the development of a joint action plan in advance of a recognition between the parties of the Gulf of Guayaquil as a historic bay and will segregate interior waters in both jurisdictions as sovereign waters of both states.In both the main house and the Callo Lodge the individually decorated rooms come with en-suite bathrooms and fireplaces (many have fireplaces in the bathrooms as well).Beds are on the generous side and are extremely comfortable.The foregoing agreements were all set forth in a series of annexes that are attached to the communiqus.As a result, by virtue of the exchange of communiqus, Peru presented a communiqu addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations expressing its agreement that, given the existence of the islands, the parallel at Boca de Capones that is set forth in the Nautical Map of Ecuador IOA 42, will be the maritime boundary between Peru and the Republic of Ecuador.





Meals are a tasty mix of local and international dishes.The hacienda is one of only two major Inca sites in Ecuador.Dating from around 1440, San Agustin de Callo has served as an Inca fortress, Augustinian convent and temporary home for the French Geodesic Mission.In 1921 the hacienda was purchased by General Leonidas Plaza Gutierrez.Gutierrez and his son both held office as President of Ecuador and the hacienda is currently owned by the General's grand daughter.

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