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Rape is acceptable if an attractive woman refuses their advances and murder is justified if a wife has been unfaithful or 'disobedient'.Students are seen protesting next to a burning car during the coup that saw Manuel Zelaya put out of office and launched the beginning of escalating violence that has made Honduras the world's murder capital Protests around the 2009 coup, when Manuel Zelaya was ousted, unleashed a wave of violence which has only escalated.

History Original inhabited by indigenous Indians, Honduras was colonized by Spain in the 16th century.

However, as she cannot afford a lawyer, justice is unlikely.

Stacey learnt his charge could be reduced to GBH, which if convicted, would mean only two years behind bars. Maria was murdered days before she was due to take part in the Miss World contest.

San Pedro Sula, in the north-east of the Central American country, is Honduras' second largest metropolis but it has been ripped apart by the drugs trade and inhabitants' desires to settle scores with guns.

Daily homicide rates are the highest outside of officially recognised conflict zones.

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