Checksum mismatch while updating expected actual

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Something has gotten out of sync or has become corrupt, and because it's in your BASE directory, unless you are confident tinkering with this, you're probably better off deleting the parent of the directory and then perform an update.

Of course, take a backup or see if an export works before doing this, so you don't lose any changes.

checksum mismatch while updating expected actual-60

checksum mismatch while updating expected actual-52

I keep on getting this error:svn: Checksum mismatch while updating 'interfaces.lookup'; expected:'2c21f93c8639901a28056a507aa54deb', actual:'97c86da543f396d636e960e46dec7280'on the same file over and over again.svn: Checksum mismatch while updating ‘thenameofyourfile.ext’; expected: ‘e0585e8a5e638c6d5490ab2feb9b4267’, actual: ‘d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e’ open the “entries” file that lives inside the “.svn” folder in a text editor.I use Text Mate Do a “find” and look for the expected checksum.were located in the working copy, and we had to deal with them if we tried to copy or move parts of our working copy without exporting them.But this allowed such manipulation as I described above.

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